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  Forthcoming gigs:
23.2Rovaniemi, YläkertaWith Two Witches.
24.2Seinäjoki, Bar 15With Two Witches.
10.3Kouvola, Sip PubWith Two Witches & Vergil.
30.3Heinola, BirraWith Two Witches & Count De Nocte.
4.4Lappeenranta, CannibalsWith Dark Side Cowboys & Two Witches.
9.4Helsinki, TavastiaWith Dark Side Cowboys, Two Witches, Deepred & Lost In Twilight.
12.4Tampere, Afterhours at YO -taloWith Dark Side Cowboys.
13.4Oulu, Bite at WoodooWith Dark Side Cowboys & Two Witches.
14.4Turku, S-OsisWith Dark side Cowboys & Two Witches.
19.5Joensuu, KerubiWith Two Witches & Insomnium.


  Past performances:
1.5RiihimäkiWith Surplus, Sin X & Downbreed.
3.5RiihimäkiWith Yearning, Tombstone, Euthanausea & Frozen Stream.
11.6Hämeenlinna, Aulanko(Unofficial, acoustic).
15.8RiihimäkiWith Braindrain, Endstand, Incomplete, Downbreed & Ravensky.
South Finland Tour (26.10-15.11):
26.10HyvinkääWith Let Me Dream, Nocturnal Winds, Kaatopaikka & other groups we can't remember...
12.11TampereThe band wishes to thank the massive audience!
14.11HyvinkääWith Let Me Dream & Aceldama.
15.11RiihimäkiWith Two Witches, Babylon Whores & Let Me Dream.
8.2EspooWith Barock & others.
21.3Lahti, KasisaliWith Barathrum, Ravenstorm, Autumn Verses, Entwine & Silentium.
27.3Hyvinkää, Cantina RositaWith Let Me Dream.
4.4Helsinki, Pihlajamäen NuorisotaloWith other groups from Helsinki (Ääni & Vimma - band competition).
Succubus Tour (16.5-11.6):
16.5Riihimäki, Succubus Club at BonanzaWith Let Me Dream, Babylon Whores & Yearning.
22.5Tampere, MexasWith Let Me Dream.
23.5Savonlinna, Rock-OperaWith Let Me Dream & Larha.
5.6Hämeenlinna, RoadhouseWith Let Me Dream.
6.6Riihimäki, RiksurockWith Let Me Dream, Throne Of Chaos, Lost Weekend, Dokka Ducos, Surplus & others.
11.6Helsinki, Thunder RoadhouseWith Let Me Dream.
15.7Tampere, TammerfestWith Let Me Dream.
27.2Riihimäki, MarschanWith Let Me Dream, Two Witches & Midnight Configuration (UK).
27.2Riihimäki, Succubus Club at CrystalWith Let Me Dream , Two Witches & Midnight Configuration (UK).
4.4Helsinki, Oulunkylän MonariWith other groups from Helsinki (Ääni & Vimma - band competition).
8.5Kuopio, Walhalla Metal BarWith Let Me Dream.
15.10Helsinki, Damnation ClubWith Two Witches.
16.10Riihimäki, Bar Rio GrandeThe band wishes to thank the great audience.
12.11Valkeakoski, Club TreffiWith Let Me Dream, Morningstar & Two Witches.
26.11Turku, TVOWith Watch Me Fall, Entwine & Silentium.
27.11Kuopio, Walhalla Metal BarWith Let Me Dream.
3.12Kauhajoki, Bar RedneckWith Let Me Dream & Morningstar.
17.12Riihimäki, Succubus Club at CrystalWith Ancient Drive, Two Witches & Sinsational.
20.1Lahti, TorviWith Charon.
29.1Tikkurila, Vernissa ClubWith Let Me Dream & Two Witches.
3.3Joensuu, KerubiWith Two Witches.
4.3Lappeenranta, Shocker BarWith Two Witches & Holy George And Three Jaris.
17.3Riihimäki, Club 29With Ravensky.
7.4Turku, TVOWith Two witches.
21.4ValkeakoskiWith Two Witches.
22.4Helsinki, SemifinalWith Two Witches.
29.4Tampere, TTKK/BommaritWith Egotrippi & Downfell.
4.5Imatra, OnnenpäivätWith Two Witches.
19.5Kouvola, SIP PubWith Two Witches.
20.5Riihimäki, Evenfall Club at CrystalWith Two Witches, Ravensky & Sinsational.
23.5Malmö, Vogon VarietyWith Two Witches & Pandemonium.
27.5Berlin, K17With Two Witches.
Great Britain
30.5London, Red EyeWith Two Witches.
31.5Nottingham, Rock CityWith Two Witches.
6.6Rotterdam, Gothic Sunday FestivalWith Two Witches.
30.8Varkaus, Rock CafeWith Two Witches.
23.10Turku, TVOWith Two Witches & Vergil.
6.12.Kajaani, DominoWith Two Witches & Dark Flood.
8.12Oulu, WoodooWith Two Witches.
12.1Turku, TVOWith Skepticism & Reverend Bizarre.
13.1Riihimäki, Evenfall Festival at CrystalWith Deepred, Opain & Vergil.

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